WildCard Weekend: Saturday Showdown on the Gridiron


It’s playoff time. I will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each team that is playing on Saturday.

The Colts have made quite a leap from the 2011 season when they were the worst team in the league. Second year quarterback Luck is doing his best to fill the shoes of his predecessor Peyton Manning. To fill them he will have to win in the playoffs. Luck is a very smart quarterback who has had some huge wins over Seattle and Denver, but also has had some bad losses to the Rams and the Cardinals. Losing Reggie Wayne hurt but the last three weeks makes it seem like things are getting easier for Luck. Robert Mathis is also a big contributor for the Colts. Mathis led the league with 19.5 sacks. If Luck and Mathis can have big games, and have some help from the running game, then the Colts will be in a good position to win.

The Chiefs season has had some very high points, but also a fair share of low points. Jamaal Charles scored more fantasy points than any other running back in the league, and if he has a big game, it will be nearly impossible to beat the Chiefs. Last week in San Diego his backup Knile Davis scored two touchdowns. If Kansas City runs the football, they will be able to control the game and most likely win. The Chiefs defense has been hurt and limited recently. If they can come back strong they will make this game difficult for Andrew Luck. I think the Chiefs are ready for the playoffs. Their backups barely lost to the Chargers so I think the Chiefs starters will be looking to prove that they can win.

The Saints have proved that they can never be counted out. Drew Brees has the weapons to complete every pass with Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston and others in the receiving corps. The Saints running game has potential to be a force. They have four guys in the rotation so it is possible that one of them will break out. The Saints’ defense is led by Rob Ryan who will probably have his team ready to play.

The Eagles are led by first year head coach Chip Kelly and surprise quarterback Nick Foles. Running back LeSean McCoy led the NFL in rushing yards and if he breaks lose against the Saints it will be high scoring which is what the Eagles will need to do to win.

Overall, I think the Colts win 21-14 and that the Eagles win 35-27.

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