The Road to Success: Bill Belichick

Houston Texans v New England Patriots

Bill Belichick is one of the most well known coaches in the NFL. Whether you like him or not, Belichick has more passion for his job than anyone because he loves football so much. The man hasn’t won a Super Bowl in nearly a decade, but his New England Patriots often go deep in the playoffs and are always feared by their opponent.

Belichick is a defensive genius. As a defensive coordinator for the New York Giants, Belichick and star linebacker Lawrence Taylor changed the game. Taylor was such a defensive terror that the opposing team would have to put together a game plan to stop him because he could get to the quarterback easily. Belichick won two Supers with the Giants under head coach Bill Parcells. Taylor thought that Belichick was strict and called him, “Bill Bedcheck,” in his book LT: Over the Edge: Tackling Quarterbacks, Drugs, and a Life Beyond Football.

After the spectacular job that Belichick did in New York, he was named the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He had an incredible coaching staff in Cleveland that included Nick Saban, Kirk Ferentz, Eric Mangini and Jim Schwartz to name a few. Unfortunately, Belichick wasn’t able to win with the Browns and he was fired before the team moved to Baltimore.

After he left Cleveland, he returned to work for his former boss Bill Parcells in New England. With Belichick there, the Patriots made the Super Bowl but lost to the Green Bay Packers. Both then left for the New York Jets. After being in New York from 1997-1999, Belichick was named head coach of the Jets but resigned immediately and took the Patriots job. He has since become one of the finest coaches in all of football.

Belichick has reached heroic heights. He has 199 career regular season wins and 19 wins in the playoffs. He has reached the AFC championship game eight times and has won three Super Bowls.

Overall, he is the most well known coach in the game and it doesn’t appear as if his career will be over anytime soon.

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