The Evolution of Eden Hazard


Eden Hazard is evolving into the world class player we all knew he would eventually become. The 23 year old Belgian winger’s recent play has us all drooling over the prospect of how good this footballer can be in 2-3 years from now.  Recently, Eden Hazard netted a hat trick against Newcastle United and looked dangerous every time he had the ball. One word can describe Eden Hazard’s game right now to an opposing defender and that is: nightmare. Last year we saw Hazard make the transition from French Ligue player of the year from 2010-2012, to Chelsea’s biggest transfer buy since Fernando Torres. The expectation was high from the get go. His first year was summed up as a good, but not great year. Hazard was consistent, but not overwhelming to opponent defenses. But this year there is something about him that oozes confidence. He demands possession, and he looks confident every time he attacks.

We all know Jose Mourinho is a world class manager, and is notorious for getting the very best out of his players. That is exactly what he is doing. He is extracting the very best out of Eden Hazard this season. Jose Mourinho has given Eden more responsibilities, Jose is holding him to a higher standard like most coaches around the world do to their superstar players, and Jose is making the young Belgian believe he is one of the world’s best.

The in-form Hazard has already surpassed his goal tally of last year. He found the back of the net 13 times in 62 club appearances in 2012-2013. This year he has 14 goals in almost half the appearances (33) and he is assisting along the way. Most of the attacks that Chelsea deploy go through Hazard, and I don’t think he wants it any other way. Hazard is thriving with this new added motivation given to him. His numbers are projected to tower last year’s, and it looks like Eden is not the only one growing.

Jose Mourinho has played down title talks all year long by saying his squad is too young and inexperienced to win the premier league. But Chelsea sits in first place right now, and it looks like the team is finally starting to hit its stride. Are Chelsea and Eden Hazard growing together? Is it the “special one” Mourinho’s magic helping Chelsea evolve? Who knows? The fact is that this Chelsea squad looks more dangerous as the weeks go by, and Eden hazard is leading the way.

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