The Beast of the Week: LeGarrette Blount


When the New England Patriots score 43 points, it’s easy to assume superstar quarterback Tom Brady had one hell of a game…again.

But that’s not what happened this past playoff weekend against the Indianapolis Colts. Instead the game summary went like this: In a surprising performance from the Patriots running backs, Tom Brady had an easy night playing quarterback as his two RB’s decided to carry the offense against a young and talented Colts team.

In his first playoff game, LeGarrette Blount, the University of Oregon alum had an amazing performance by destroying the Colts’ defense and scoring four rushing touchdowns on Saturday. That is why he is our beast of the week.

The 250-pound monster ran out of the gates from the beginning of the game by scoring the first three touchdowns and putting the cherry on top in the 4th quarter with a 73-yard run for his fourth touchdown of the night.

Blount ended the game with 166 yards rushing and averaged 7 yards per carry with a total of 24 carries.

LeGarrette Blount will be on everyone’s radar for this upcoming weekend against a tough Denver Broncos defense.

Is there another beast performance waiting in the midst at Mile High Stadium for Blount? Or will it be a battle of the QB’s; another Brady vs Manning game for the record books?

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