Seattle Seahawks Flying Toward A Bleak Future

Many people are viewing the Seahawks as early Super Bowl favorites. Some even put them ahead of the Broncos and Niners to name a few. One main problem holding back the Seahawks lies with the man hard to see under center, their QB Russell Wilson. At 5’10 Russell Wilson was carried by the talentd Seahawks defense, insanely loud crowd, and run game en route to the playoffs. Wilson has the talent and work ethic that people love to see in a QB. However, after watching him week in and week out he continuously had to roll out of the pocket to see over his offensive line. It’s unfortunate he lacks this key aspect because he truly can be a decent quarterback if he was taller.

Seahawks management and fans are being fooled at this very moment thinking they have a franchise quarterback in hand. Situations like has always been around in the NFL, most recently seen in Mark Sanchez with the Jets. A franchise believes they have their QB for the future and starts to build around him, like the Seahawks did this past offseason, but when the QB is unable to perform, the rest of the team goes down. No matter how good the defense or the rest of the team can be, this is still a quarterback’s league and without one the team is doomed. Wilson will set the franchise back once defenses figure out his weakness after watching tape. It is rare to see Wilson stand in the pocket for more than 2 seconds without rolling out because lack of height. Deep passes hardly ever come from him standing tall in the pocket because quite frankly, he can’t.  He will not be able to roll out and pass/run his whole career as defenses will learn to make it difficult for him to do this time and time again. Wilson’s stats look good on paper but when you see him play you will often notice a dink and dunk offense because of his difficulty to see over the line. His yards per completion are also skewed as he will get occasional long plays from his roll out throws.

The Seahawks future is also hindered by the Seahawks coach Pete Carroll who still thinks he is coaching college players. The team’s immaturity is truly mind boggling. During his tenure many players have been disciplined for PEDs including their start cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman (later found not guilty but who really believes that?). Currently their first round draft pick of 2012 Bruce Irvin is also serving a 4 game suspension related to PEDs.

Their defense and offense both contain the talent but lack the leadership and seriousness needed to win a championship. It can be questioned if the Seahawks as a whole are more into trash talking their opponents or winning a Super Bowl. This view starts with their coach who is mainly into fun and games with his team.

Russell Wilson will never be a franchise quarterback, yet alone a star quarterback which is practically essential in today’s NFL to win a super bowl. Tag this along with the Seahawks growing up problems there chances for a Super Bowl seems very dim until a change is made. Russell Wilson is well beyond done growing and is really unfortunate because the Seahawks have never won a championship in its history.  Maybe new shoes will come out to fix this main problem, but until then, expect the Seahawks to simply be television entertainment for those fooled Seahawk fans.



Authors: Kevin Harmon & Richard Tang

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31 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks Flying Toward A Bleak Future

  1. “practically essential” that excludes those occasional few who have great defenses. And one can argue Eli being Elite also, hes one of the best 4th quarter qbs in the league.

    And for CanHawk, all I have to say is wait and see. Comment on this article when the season is over and say I told you so, because only time will tell if this article is accurate or not.

  2. “Russell Wilson will never be a franchise quarterback, yet alone a star quarterback which is practically essential in today’s NFL to win a super bowl.”

    Eli Manning is only regarded as a star because of his championships. Before that, he was questionable, but the giants went on to win the super bowl. The same could be said about Flacco.

  3. Fistbump @ Ryan.

    All about dissing your buddy’s team? Seems like a perfectly good reason to go on the Internet and dookie all over any credibility you may have had as a sports writer. I hate grandma’s brownies, but I don’t go on the Internet telling everyone chocolate tastes like dookie because they’re both brown… SMH.

    • It’s our website we’re allowed to write whatever we want…yes I am also a writer on this and to say “we don’t know what we are talking about” or “You don’t know football because we are dissing your team” is dumb because Kevin watches every game so he knows first hand. Me, I do my research, I pay attention to every little detail. Although I didnt write this, I don’t like the Seahawks either. In fact I think they are over hyped. But I don’t “purposely” diss the Seahawks. In fact if you want to read something good about them, I have an article about to be posted about Seahawks winning 41-3 vs Jaguars on Sunday. You ought to check it out before you claim this whole website to be “a Seahawks diss” website

      • And this is the problem with the internet…

        Any clown with an internet connection and a credit card can start a website and call themselves an “expert”. Then, when faced with a legitimate critique of the cockameme story they pulled out of their butt (‘critique’ is too nice, I assassinated your cockameme story) you pull out some snivvely crap about “It’s my website and I can write whatever I want”.

        Okay, so you watch all the games. good for you. But you clearly don’t know what the F you’re looking at. I got news for you, my 3 y/o watches all the games too and and calls all the players Elmo. But nobody’s going to him for analysis just because he watches all the games (though I’d go to him before I went to one of you “experts”).

        Yes it’s your website, but no you can’t write whatever you want. Not if you have a single shred of journalistic integrity and expect to ever be taken seriously. This spite piece was pulled straight out of your butt and is chalked full of regurgitated talking points from Skip “I suck at life” Bayless.

        And I haven’t even touched on your BS analysis of Pete Carroll or Richard Sherman. No you can’t write whatever you want on YOUR website because THAT pile of steaming monkey dung is bordering on libel. Sherman was acquitted. Full stop. He did nothing wrong. Pete Carroll is a national championship winning coach, with a WINNING record in the NFL (and actually is an AMAZING philanthropist and wonderful human being if you’d bother to put down your hateraide for a minute and look it up). Your points have ZERO corroborating evidence other than “look at Pete smiling on the sidelines, he’s such a dick”.

        Oh but you wrote a 3 paragraph fluff piece of a 5th string WR. That makes you unbiased? Predicting they’ll beat the worst team in the entire league proves you know what you’re talking about? Sucka please… No, if any of you have any intention of being any kind of “real” writer, you should probably delete this website and start blogging about Miley Cyrus or lawn bowling or something, because you clearly know dick all about football…

        • so you’re point is that we are a bad website because we talked bad about your favorite team? Wow good evidence you should be a lawyer…and what makes you know more about the Seahawks then we do? because they’re your favorite team? or is it because every little bad thing you hear about them, Seahawk fans freak out? Because you haven’t said one thing yet that backs up your arguement yet and all you can say, just like my friend Ryan, is that we are “dumb for writing this” or “we should delete it because we don’t know what we are talking about”. please give me evidence, or shut your mouth and get off the site. Thank you.

  4. Wow Jeremy. You make such an excellent argument. Poignant and extremely well researched. Nothing but the facts. Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to? You’re more than qualified to have a regular column on the beast’s briefs. You’re like a bigot’s John Clayton. Keep up the good work.

  5. and they are cheaters… i cant stand those ignorant, immature people that claim to be men on that sehawks team right down to the coach as well… hes the second oldest coach in the league but the biggest dumbass… go back to coaching kids in college cuz you cant handle coaching men in the nfl

  6. Hey CanHawk these are my friends from highschool who run this site. I am a huge Hawks fan and they do whatever they can to disregard the hawks. Deep down they know there the best team in the NFL. One of them is a Bronco fan and one is a Charger fan.. We are from San Diego they just dont like the Hawks bc of me

    • Would it be *nice* if he was a little bit taller to see over the line a tad better? Sure. Of course. Why not. But that’s hardly the be-all to end-all of being a QB. Every QB relies on throwing lanes to see down field, regardless if they’re 5’11” or 6’6″.

      Wisconsin had the tallest line in the country when Russell was there (probably taller than Seattle’s line now) and all he did behind THAT line is set the single season record for passing efficiency.

      The difference between Russell Wilson’s 5’11” and the tried and true bear minimum QB height of 6’2″ is 3″. That’s about the width of your fricken cell phone. You’re really going to try to tell people that the width of your cell phone is the lone difference between being great and being a nobody? C’mon man… Ragging on Russell Wilson for being short is soooo 2012. Get with the times dude. Pick on Kap for not having enough eye brows…

  7. This opinion is from a non-seahawks fan point of view. With the new read option rule where the qb is free to be hit like any other player until he is clearly out of the play will also hinder Wilson’s ability to make plays. I watched nearly all the Seahawk games last year because of the area I lived in. Wilson can make plays from the pocket but also has to stand farther back in to see over the line. His throwing motion does help him with getting his balls over the line without being tipped but that doesn’t help him see over the line. Many times he will be forced to roll out because he can’t see his recievers, as a result he misses open receivers many times.

    Wilson has a tendency to look through the offensive line holes which he is practically forced to do. Brees does the same and has found a way to succeed with this method. Its too early to tell whether he can master it as well. As of now I am scared for his future success.

  8. hmmmm interesting take. As a seahawks fan i do believe in wilson. That said i do wish he was taller as that can only help him in becoming a great quarterback. Im also worried a bit on the new read option rule the nfl implemented. Hopefully that doesnt affect him too much. Time will tell if this article is correct or not. But as of now he has done a pretty good job leading a really good team

  9. Dd you know that last year Wilson threw three times as often from the pocket as opposed to outside of it?

    Did you know that his Rating, QBR and YPA were better inside the pocket as opposed to outside of it?

    Did you know that it is almost impossible to to among the bottom of the league in attempts and the top of the league in YPA in a dink and dunk offense?

    Of course you didn’t know these things. They are facts, not myths, and this so called article is entirely based on myths, not reality.

  10. Dear god you are stupid… I can’t believe it took two people to write this nonsense. So why two people? Did one stick his head up his ass and the other pushed it in farther?

    Damn you boys are stupid. I am are feelings more stoopider after having readed that… Must be 9’er fans coping through a traumatic event by writing fan fiction.

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