Rising Star: Gracefully Going for Gold


The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are just around the corner. Although it might not be as popular compared to the Summer Olympics, there are still athletes representing the United States and awaiting the opportunity to showcase their hard training over the years and love for their respective events.

Every Olympics, Summer and Winter, there are always new U.S. athletes that shine during the games. They raise the bar higher every four years with their work ethic and ability to perform at the highest level while being  perfect role models for young children across the nation.

This year is no different. 18-year-old figure skater Gracie Gold is the new rising star for the U.S. as the Winter Olympics are getting closer.

By skating her way into the spotlight earlier this month in Boston at the 2014 United States Figure Skating Championships, Gold placed first in ladies singles and secured her national title by setting a personal record score of 211.69. By defeating two-time reigning U.S. champion Ashley Wagner and setting herself apart from the rest of the competition, Gold quickly became an early U.S. favorite to win the gold medal in Sochi, Russia.

The Massachusetts native will contend for the individual medal and could also help the U.S. bring home a medal in the new skating team event next month.

Gold recently moved last September from Illinois to Los Angeles to work with veteran coach Frank Carroll. In the months leading up to the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Gold changed her short program routine and developed a mature skating style under the legendary coach.

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, Gold was filled with excitement about the Winter games this February and expressed how she is enjoying the recent move to Southern California.

“It’s wonderful.The weather is unbeatable,” Gold told Leno. “Being in a cold ice rink all day, it’s nice to step out and have it not be colder and see the sun.”

It’s hard to avoid ending this article without saying how perfect her name is for the Olympics. Her last name could just be an inkling of what is to come this February in Sochi.


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