Review: Who is the Beast of the Year?


Well, the 2013 season is officially over and so it is time to look back on all of our Beasts of the Weeks. And as we like to do here at TheBeastBrief, I will also be giving my Beast of the Year candidates. Our first ever Beast of the Week was the number 1 pick in last year’s NFL draft, Eric Fisher. Although Eric Fisher hasn’t turned out to be what Kansas City expected, they really can’t be mad as they are in the playoffs.

Our most picked Beast of the Week goes to the sheriff, no he doesn’t wear a star, but a Bronco, Peyton Manning. And the one they call Big Papi, David Ortiz.

Peyton Manning’s first one came on a night where he threw 7 TDs vs. the Ravens. His second came when he faced the Eagles and absolutely torched them for 327 yards and four touchdowns with a completion percentage of 82.4. He has definitely earned his MVP for this season, although it hasn’t been announced yet.

The second guy who has just as many as Peyton is Mr. World Series MVP himself, David Ortiz. David Ortiz went 11 for 16 (.688) with two home runs and six RBIs against the Cardinals, leading the Sox to their third World Series title since they broke the curse in 2004 vs. these same Cardinals.

So, now that we have seen who was the most productive this year as far as Beast of the Week, who should be the Beast of the Year? I’ve given you three choices…now vote!

Who do you think is the Beast of the Year?

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