Ranking The Best & Worst Divisions in Baseball


Ahhh yes it’s that time of the year again. It’s Baseball season. It’s time to start looking at the best and worst divisions in Baseball. Here is my list of divisions from worst to best. These rankings come off of what moves teams have made and have not made this year and how many playoff teams were in the division last year.

#6.) AL Central:

The Tigers obviously own this division. But losing Doug Fister and Prince Fielder and adding only Ian Kinsler? I think this division winner doesn’t win 90 games. Let’s not sleep on Cleveland, however, as they were a playoff team a year ago. But I still believe Detroit takes this division with 85 wins, which makes it the worst division in Baseball.

#5.) NL East:

NL East is the worst division in the NL, although I think they have the best overall team in the NL in the Nationals. Even after having a year like last, they are loaded with talent. With the addition of Doug Fister to the rotation they got the 4th starter they needed. With the offensive weapons they have I have no doubt that they can handle the overrated Atlanta Braves for the division title. I think they get 90-95 wins and a 3 seed in the strong National League this year.

#4.) NL Central:

4th-1st is really close in my opinion. But I think the NL Central is a little overrated. The best team in the division is the Cardinals no doubt. But then you have the Reds and the Pirates. Two teams who also made the playoffs a year ago, but I don’t think either team will make it this year. Cardinals will get 95-100 wins and win the division once again by 10+ games.

#3.) AL West:

I think the AL West is a force to be reckoned with this year. Seattle will be a lot better with the addition of Robinson Cano. Rangers went out and got Prince Fielder AND Shin-Soo Choo to add to an already loaded lineup and the Angels went out and got pitching, which they needed desperately. Astros went out and got Dexter Fowler, in a great move for them. They will be improved this season.  The A’s however haven’t gotten that much better. They went out and acquired Padres relief man Luke Gregerson but he has been getting hit more since the All Star break last year. They also lost a nice bat in Seth Smith and their closer in Grant Balfour.

I can very well see the winner of this division getting 100 wins and the number 2 seed in the playoffs; the number 1 seed will be from the East.

#2.) NL West:

The NL West, just like the AL West, is another division to look out for. The Dodgers will win 100 games and get the 1 seed in the playoffs, and this division could very well send in two more teams, which I think they will do. The Giants went out and got Michael Morse, a power hitting outfielder along with right handed SP Tim Hudson. The Padres have a stacked rotation this year when they went out and got Josh Johnson. They have a strong bullpen after signing Benoit and acquiring Torres yesterday from the Rays. The Rockies replaced Helton with Morneau, but have lost a valuable leadoff man in Dexter Fowler. They are the worst team in this division, but aren’t that bad of a team. The D backs are my sleeper team of the year. Acquiring Mark Trumbo and Addison Reed have made them a contender.

#1.) AL East:

The World Series Champs reside here, and no that’s not the main reason why this is number 1. This is number 1 for me because of two reasons. 1. 4 teams in this division had a .500 record or better (Yanks, Red Sox, Orioles, Rays), and 2. You can make a case that those 4 with winning records are one of the best in the AL. Yankees went on a spending spree and picked up Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran and Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. Red Sox didn’t acquire anyone new; in fact they lost Ellsbury but did resign Mike Napoli. Rays went out and acquired Logan Forsythe, a utility player who has played 2B, SS, 3B and right field for the Padres in exchange for Torres and Hahn, a 6’3 right handed pitcher who was in single A last season. The #1 seed will come from this division with 100 wins and 4 teams with winning records again and could very well send three to the postseason.

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