NFC Divisional Champs Predictions ’14

NFC West

I think the Seahawks’ defense will carry them to a division title. The 49ers will finish right behind them and the Rams and Cardinals will close out the division.

NFC North

I think with a new head coach, the Detroit Lions will win the NFC North. If Matt Stafford can be a great player in the fourth quarter, the Lions will be nearly unstoppable. I don’t think Aaron Rodgers will be able to beat the Lions. If everything goes right, the Lions could score almost every possession. The Bears and Vikings will round out the division.

NFC South

The NFC South is one of the toughest to predict. I think the New Orleans Saints will have a terrific season and win the division. Kenny Stills will improve and take over as a potential star number one receiver. The Panthers will finish second in the division. Cam Newton will improve a lot, but with the Saints offense in the division, the Panthers won’t repeat as division champs. The Falcons will do a lot better than last season and I think they will finish 10-6. Finishing fourth will be Tampa Bay who I think will finish 7-9.

NFC East

With Jay Gruden going to Washington, I think he will be able to change the Redskins’ fortunes immediately and win the division. If he had success with Andy Dalton I’d like to see what he can do with Robert Griffin III. I think the Eagles will finish tied in second with the Dallas Cowboys. Nick Foles will have a  great season and so will Dez Bryant. I think Bryant will be the best receiver in the NFL. The Giants will finish way back in fourth.

Final Playoff Seeds

I think that the 49ers and the Packers will be the five and six seeds in the wild card position. Overall, I think that the Seahawks will get the NFC’s top spot followed by the Lions, Redskins and Saints.

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