Cleveland Browns: Why JFF is the perfect fit for both parties

I dislike Johnny Manziel . Though I’m sure he is weeping inconsolably about this revelation he will never read, I feel this has to be made clear.

This is not a fanboy thread about how JFF is freaking awesome.

I believe Johnny Freaking Football has about a 70% chance of lasting in the NFL along with a 40% chance that his style of play will work in the NFL. He is the ultimate boom or bust prospect.


On the solid assumption he will go in the top 10, those figures only rise dramatically if the Cleveland Browns take him with the number 4 pick.

I believe it is a perfect match.

It is a sad time for a franchise when it has been 6 years since you went 8-8. It’s also sad when you sack a head coach after one season. It is these sorts of stats that have Jags fans sitting comfortably and going…huh…well at least we are not the Browns.

What the Browns need to get out of this mess is stability and that stability starts from the QB position. You get your face of the franchise in place and build the rest around it.

Manziel will be that centrepiece. He is already a celebrity who fans and analysts have already begun to throw their jock straps at, like bras at a concert. Of all the players in football, Manziel will bring the most profile, the most press and the most energy to the Browns locker room. The pressures of leading a team and being a celebrity have already been conquere

d and so putting the Browns on his back will be no different than what he did at A&M.


That’s not to mention what he can do on the field. Manziel has an ‘it’ factor – a knack for making big plays. He may get the most press for his legs but he has an arm too. It’s not a cannon but it’s a good strong arm that excels on those deep go routes whilst showing good accuracy over the middle.

If they can develop those qualities and get him settled in the pocket, Cleveland will not only have a great and exciting quarterback under centre but will also have put the franchise firmly back on the map.

So why is Cleveland perfect for Manziel?

Manziel will need time to adapt to the NFL. Cleveland has an able back up in Brian Hoyer who got the offense working early last season before tearing his MCL. He will be back and fit next season and could happily start for a few games next year giving Manziel time to get on the right page.

The Jags, the Raiders and even the Texans can’t really afford to give him that time. The Browns have a QB on the roster that can win games so they have the right set up to give him that time.

There are no questions about Manziel’s motivation, competitive instincts or will to succeed but the mad scrambles and high lofted balls will result in sacks, injuries and interceptions at the next level. They are part of what makes Manziel an exciting QB but he will need to learn to take care of himself and the football to succeed in the NFL. Film study and some time holding a clipboard will temper those rough edges and make a NFL football player out of him.

With Mack likely to stay, Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron out wide and Ben Tate in the backfield, Manziel has weapons all around him. He has two great receiving options, a strong running back and one of the best centres in football snapping him the ball. With experience and talent surrounding him he won’t need to carry the team or force the issue.

That’s an environment Manziel can develop in and if he does develop….. kaboom.

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