Beast NFL Players of The Era


Over the last ten or so years there have been a number of players who have been great. Here are some of the best:

Brett Favre: Favre had a very interesting career. He was one of the best ever and he could throw touchdowns with the best of them. He won one Super Bowl and lost in another. Favre went to play for the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings when his time in Green Bay came to an end. I will remember him as one of the best competitors as well as always leading his teams to the playoffs and being one of the greatest to ever suit up.

LaDainian Tomlinson: Tomlinson is one of the best running backs in NFL history. The Chargers had been the worst team in the NFL before he came. He helped lead the Chargers to multiple playoffs but he could never win the big one. Tomlinson set an NFL record when he rushed for 28 touchdowns in 2006. He finished his career with the New York Jets.

Ray Lewis is one of the best linebackers in history. He was a great captain who could fire up a team like no other. He closed out his NFL career with a Super Bowl win. He had two total Super Bowl wins with the Baltimore Ravens.

Tom Brady: Brady was a sixth round pick of the New England Patriots in 1999. Since taking over as starting quarterback, Brady has led the Patriots to five Super Bowls and he won three. He is still a very good quarterback who led the Patriots to this year’s AFC Championship game but lost to Denver 26-16.

Peyton Manning: Manning holds many NFL records and is about to play in the Super Bowl where he will try to win his second Super Bowl trophy. If he loses this game and never gets back to the Super Bowl, his playoff losses will always be remembered. If he wins, he will probably be known as being better than Tom Brady. I already consider Peyton Manning the best quarterback of the era and I’m ready to see how he does in the Super Bowl.

Adrian Peterson has had a hall of fame career. He had 2,097 rushing yards in 2012 which was just eight yards shy of Eric Dickerson’s NFL record. He was also a great player at the University of Oklahoma. He has come back strong from injuries many times and it looks like he still has good years ahead.

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