Beast Brief’s 2013 MLB Awards

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AL CY Young: Max Scherzer.

Who else really deserves it more than him this year? With a record of 21-3 with a 2.90 ERA and the opposition batting .198, he should be the CY Young. But knowing how the win category has been essentially losing all credentials as years go on, he could lose it to Colon. In a relatively perfect world, he will win it unanimously, which is what will most likely not happen. Nonetheless, Scherzer will walk away with the CY Young.

NL CY Young: Clayton Kershaw

Another no brainer. Kershaw had arguably one of the greatest seasons EVER by a pitcher with a record of 16-9 and an ERA of 1.83. The opposition also batted .195 against him. Kershaw’s ERA was ranked 147th best in the history of the game, according to Only competition Kershaw has for the CY Young is Miami’s own Jose Fernandez. He is a stud and he will come away with Rookie of the Year honors.


AL Most Valuable Player: Miguel Cabrera

This will mark back-back MVP’s for a future Hall of Famer. Believe it or not, he actually had a BETTER year this year than he did during his Triple Crown Campaign from a year ago. He actually had a better batting average this year (.338) as he did in 2012 (.330). Essentially the same amount of RBIs as a year ago (139 in 2012 and 137 in 2013) and equaled his home run total (44). Remember he also missed time at the end of the year, or he would have easily exceeded his past years totals. I said in the beginning of the year, if he would have hit for back to back triple crowns, he would have been the best right handed hitter of all time. Well, no thanks to Chris Davis, he didn’t. He came up just 1 RBI and 11 home runs short of it.

NL Most Valuable Player: Clayton Kershaw

For the second time in 3 years, a pitcher will come home with the MVP and CY Young award (Justin Verlander in 2011). Kershaw had an unbelievable year this year and is clearly the best pitcher in MLB. This might be unanimous also and I don’t think we have ever had two unanimous MVP votings in Major League Baseball’s history.

AL & NL Manager of the Year: Clint Hurdle and John Farrell

The obvious two for the award. Clint Hurdle ended a 20 year playoff in Pittsburgh by taking home the play in game against the Reds. But he would eventually lose to the Cards in 5 games. Continue to watch these guys as they are up-and-coming and could very well be a World Series contender next year.

Next manager is Mr. World Series winner himself, John Farrell. He will win this award unanimously. He took a last place Boston Red Sox team to the promised land in only his FIRST YEAR. That’s tough to do. But even though they did get last place, they still had keys to their team there with Ortiz, Pedroia, Ellsbury, and Lester. Red Sox are the kings of the Baseball world, yet again, in large part to the way Farrell handled this team.

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