All Star Game 2013 Recap

For me, one of, if not the most exciting part of baseball, is watching the All Star game. This is the 84th annual MLB All Star game and the first to be played in new Mets stadium. Hometown hero Matt Harvey took the mound for the NL team and Max Scherzer took the mound for the AL team.

This game had the making of a slugfest. The AL lineup has been said to be one of the greatest in recent memory, and the NL’s lineup wasn’t too far behind it, but only a 3-0 game? This was only the third time in All Star game history that the NL team had been shut out, and the last coming in 1990 when the game was played at Wrigley Field. The AL team had a combined 67 HRs and 188 RBIs from their 3-4 hitters in Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis.

Matt Harvey started the game, and it was only the 11th time in MLB All Star game history that a pitcher started the game in front of the hometown fans. He didn’t start the game as great as he wanted to by giving up a leadoff double to Mike Trout on the first pitch of the game. Three pitches later he hit his cross town rival Robinson Cano in the knee, who eventually had to have Dustin Pedroia pinch run for him (Yankees fans nervous). Luckily for you, Yankee fans, the x-rays were negative. Harvey eventually would strike out 2 out of the next 3 batters in Miguel Cabrera and Jose Bautista to end the inning with no runs given up. He would go 2 innings giving up 1 hit and striking out 3 in his All Star game debut. We will for sure see more from him in the future.

Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder

The starting pitcher for the AL side was Max Scherzer. Scherzer would go 1 inning striking out 2 and giving up 0 hits. The manager of the AL team happened to be Jim Leyland, his manager on the Tigers, so it was no surprise that he went only 1 inning. Chris Sale from the Chicago White Sox came in after him and pitched 2 scoreless innings and picked up the win. The best moment came in the 8th inning when Mariano Rivera came in to pick up the hold for the AL team in his final All Star game appearance. But one question I would ask is, why not pitch the 9th inning and pick up the save? Maybe Leyland wanted to scout Nathan for his Detroit Tigers team? Anyways, Mariano would go on to pitch a 1-2-3 8th and pick up the game’s MVP award. But even if the NL would have won I believe he still would have been the MVP.

If it wasn’t for that 8th inning moment with Mariano entering the game, there wasn’t really anything that made me excited about this game. From there not being any runs scored, to my hometown team’s player not playing the game (Everth Cabrera), I thought this year the homerun derby was actually better than the All Star game itself. Oh, and by the way, if Yoenis Cespedes starts hitting bombs like he did in the Homerun derby on the A’s, Billy Beane and the boys might finally get to the show, or even out of the first round.

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