3 Things We Learned from the Manchester United vs Arsenal Game


1. Do not count Manchester United out just yet.

It took one goal, but the defending champions ousted the top of the league squad Arsenal. Manchester United put on a defending master class to get the clean sheet.  United is the first team this season to keep Arsenal scoreless. They achieved this with a great work rate and concentration. If United plays like this on a more consistent basis, United will see themselves climbing back into contention for the Premier League title.

2. Arsenal lack that one player who can change the game.

Manchester kept Arsenal’s midfield at bay. When Arsenal’s midfield plays great, they thrive but against Manchester they lacked the creativity in the final third to get the ball in the back of the net. They needed that one player that can dribble past a defender and put the opposing defense on their heels. A player with a great amount of skill could have helped in the match because throughout the game, most of Arsenal’s counter attacks seemed unpromising.

3. Wayne Rooney may be the best player in the Premier League.

Yes, it’s a bold claim. It is hard not to agree, the performance he displayed against Arsenal by helping the team attack the opposing defense, running the midfield and defending like a world class center back was the vintage Wayne Rooney that fans are accustomed to seeing. Rooney laid out a great cross from the corner for Van Persie to put the ball in the back of the net to score the winning goal.

We all know that the 25-year-old Argentine forward Sergio Aguero is playing lights out for Manchester City F.C. but with Rooney playing at a high level, watch for Manchester United to start turning their season around.

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