10 Signs You Are Addicted to Fantasy Football

There are ten signs that mean you are addicted to fantasy football.

1. You wake up for the 10 a.m. early games no matter what time you fell asleep the night before.

2. You watch the morning, afternoon, Sunday night, Thursday night, and Monday night games with no break longer than ten minutes.

3. If the game is a blowout, it doesn’t matter. It is just as good, if not better than a close game.


4. You are already preparing for your fantasy draft.

5. You put actual effort into waivers and can’t wait for them to go through.

6. You are score watching on your computer all day. Looking at players’ stats, following every game play by play.

7. If something gets planned like a wedding or a family gathering and you have to miss football, you will be distracted looking at your phone or maybe getting to watch parts of a game you don’t prefer like, Dolphins versus Bengals, and when you do, you will keep your eyes on the bottom where the scores are and become the happiest person there when your player scores a touchdown.



8. If you meet a player on your fantasy team and you personally thank him for performing well for your fantasy team.

9. You start to care less and less about your favorite NFL team and you even draft some of your least favorite NFL players from your least favorite teams.

10. It’s like Christmas for you every NFL Sunday. You cherish them all.


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